Disco 70's style afro wig. Pick it out for more volume!! Adjustable straps inside the cap allow for..
Awesome Rainbow
A punk style clown wigOne size fits all..
Bald Short Tramp
Bald with a fringe of hair Great for Tramp or just balding man with longish hair Elastic in cap Fi..
Bald Straight Clown
Cloth stretch front Professional-looking qualityOne size fits most..
Bargain Clown
This is our economic bargain clown afro wig. It can be gently picked out with your fingers to creat..
Black & white B1060YV1
Black and white wigCenter part with pointsGreat new clown lookOne size fits most..
Clown Disco
long Wet Curl in this popular style Elastic in Cap One Size Fits Most..
Clown Spike
Unusual spikey clown style in rainbow colorsOne size fits all..
Deluxe Afro
Large size afro. Very thick and full. You can pick the hair to make the afro larger! Adjustable s..
Deluxe Troll
Deluxe Troll wigGreat for Dr. Suess' Thing One and Thing Two charactersOne size fits most..
Fright Wig
Famous old-fashioned clown wig has a cord that raises the fright top.One size fits all...
Kruella Extra Large
Enormous Black and White Afro. Variation of Cruella Deville...
Magic Headdress
Interesting style with brown and black hair. Be exotic Fun and playful Sexy Mardi Gras or Fat Tues..
Patriotic Custom Wig
Custom designed Patriotic Red, White and Blue wig. Styled in a 1940 theme with military style hat. ..
Pip Braid Wig
Famous Pip Wig or hamburger girl hairstyle with stiff braids on the side.This wig is a great costume..
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