Brand: Walker Tape Co.
Product Code: Sensi Tak Select
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Sensi-Tak Select tape is best when used with poly systems because the thicker plastic on these hair systems helps disguise the shine that this tape can have. It has a reliable Extended Wear hold, which we qualify as about 1 to 2 weeks.   Choose your size when ordering.  

 When used on poly units, it’s extremely easy to cleanup after removal. This tape does have a bit of shine (it’s a 0 out of 10 on our dullness scale), so we don’t recommend using it with lace units.

 Sensi-Tak Select is a really low residue option and is one of our cleanest tapes to remove from hair systems. It’s one of only three other tapes that we classify as this low residue.

 Sensi-Tak Select was designed using a stiff carrier, so it can be an easier option to work with and stick to just the right spot. It has a red liner, but the tape itself is clear.

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