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The recipe is to mix Kahlua, Bailey, Amaretto into a martini shaker and pour into a martini glass and serve. It takes a precise measurement to create the perfect Café Martini by Belle Tress. Extremely lightweight (2 OZ), precision-cut, full lace front, lace side part, open cap are just a few of the many unique features of Café Martini.  Shake and wear, wash and wear, ready to wear out of the box! Café Martini is the queen of versatility. Wear it smooth, spiked, wear it away from the face, wear it toward the front, and create the endless designs with your hands, no brush or comb needed!

Color shown; Honey with Chai Latte

Bang 2 Inches
Nape 1.5 Inches
Sides 2.5 inches
Back 3 Inches
Overall 3 Inches
Weight 2 Inches
Cap Size Average

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