Finger Wave
Young Mae West, 1920's-1930's flapper, Marcel wave, 42nd Street, etc..
French King
Nice French King Deluxe version 17th and 18th Century Good for Rock star, pirate, curly style Thi..
French King Fancy Bargain Version
Soft curl average head size Good style for King, pirate or rock star elastic in cap 17th and 18th ..
Fright Wig
Famous old-fashioned clown wig has a cord that raises the fright top.One size fits all...
Fu Manchu Beard and Mustache set
Doctor from the Orient with his long mustache and long beard. Great for costume, stage, school play..
George Washington
The President as we know him best on the Dollar Colonial style with finger waves and a pigtail in b..
New bouffant 60's pageboy with a ribbon in front. This wig comes with adjustable straps to tighten ..
Goatee human hair  hx2
Nice goatee and beard in human hair with 3 points Slightly textured and wavy Tape and spirit gum c..
Goatee white
Goatee in white Great for Uncle Sam Beard for school plays, theater,costume and Halloween..
Godiva 951XL
Length: 44\All one length, straight, no bangs with a skin topThis wig can be braided, put into up-do..
This style can be used for a granny, old lady, teacher, librarian or Victorian era. Hair is parted ..
Handlebar Mustache
Value-pricedGood for cowboy,biker etc...
Handmade Supreme Santa Claus Set
Super-high quality craftsmanship All hand-made for the ultimate in style and durability Set comes b..
Wonderful headdress to wear either with or without wig Great for Cleopatra look Egyptian head piece..
Hillbilly Beard
These beards are waist-length Wired mustache on a strap Good for ZZ Top, Long Santa, Rip Van Winkle..
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