Colonial Party Lady
Hair is split down center and piled high into two points, similar to a V Be the hit of the party Gr..
Cone Beehive L
Perfect look for 1960s's! May be used for A. Powers girl...
Crew cut
50's men's basic military cut..
Curly Braid
30\ long, thick and nice ponytail. Value priced hairpiece for cheerleaders, dance teams, theater pro..
Spikey hair great for a punk look..
Deluxe Afro
Large size afro. Very thick and full. You can pick the hair to make the afro larger! Adjustable s..
Deluxe Colonial Man
Better quality in very fine white fiber Average head size Elastic in back 17th and 18th Century Won..
Deluxe Elvis
Fine quality pompadour with sideburns..
Deluxe Evita
Elaborate 40's style, pulled into twists with back curled under..
Deluxe Farrah
This is our deluxe version of the Farrah Fawcett wig.Beautiful feathered hairstyle reminiscent of th..
Deluxe Japanese Warrior
This is the best quality version of this style.Soft cotton blend material in frontal area in a soft ..
Deluxe Judge
Extra Fancy Judge 18th century 3 sections Average head size Very nice curls for that realistic look..
Deluxe Troll
Deluxe Troll wigGreat for Dr. Suess' Thing One and Thing Two charactersOne size fits most..
Very nice men's wig with shag backSide partPerfect style for Robert Dinero..
Devil Girl
Perfect addition to your devil costume. Shoulder length straight hair with bangs. Horns stick out ..
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