Bargain Mohawk
Rubber material creates a skinned look on sides. Mohawk down the center of wig with a long braid do..
Bargain Viking Set
Long Auburn Viking beard and wig Great for Rip Van Winkle Great for Theater, plays, Halloween and ..
Bargain Witch
Bargain version long straight wig with a center part. This wig also works great for a 1960's hippie..
Great quality theatrical wig or Masquerade partiesDesigned for English court scenes or an alternativ..
Beard and Mustache set
Great for costume, Halloween or fun plays Good for Kids These are fun beards..
Short men's shag style..
Beehive Pageboy
Thick, full pageboy style with lots of volume in crown for a beehive effect. Good for Austin Powers..
Shoulder length and layered wig with soft wavesThis style works great for the famous composer and Ji..
Ben Franklin
Bald cloth front with long brownish gray hair in back. Use theater make-up to cover and blend the c..
Better Geisha
Fully ratted to give puffed-out look on all sides Asian style Gibson Pulled up into crown with bun..
Biblical Wig and Beard Set
Fine long wig with beard and mustache on a strap. Excellent Jesus set, also good for Apostles and ot..
Black & white B1060YV1
Black and white wigCenter part with pointsGreat new clown lookOne size fits most..
Full bang with a soft wavy flipAdjustable straps on the inside to make the wig larger or smaller..
Buffalo Bill
Shoulder length, wavy wig, parted in center Mustache and Goatee included Can be worn with or withou..
Length: 26 inchesThick wig with micro braids styled into a long page styleOne size fits allThis wig ..
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