Van Dyke
Value priced Van Dyke style beardElastic straps are worn around the head to hold the beard onSoft co..
Walrus Mustache
Mesh backing with human hair creates a walrus style mustacheWe recommend using a two-way tape or liq..
Wavy BH
Very funky, yet chic style. Crimped hair gives lots of fullness! NEW! fun, turn lots of heads!..
Wavy Disco
New shoulder-length clown style in a wet curlDifferent from all other curly clownsElastic in capOne ..
Wavy Ponytail
A thicker wavy 26\ ponytail attachment with a slight wave pattern.Use bobby pins and/or clips to att..
Wavy Ponytail
Thicker wavy 26\. Value priced ponytail with a slight wave pattern\"Switch\" attachmentUse rubberban..
Straight, long wig with bangszena..
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