Naked Godiva
6 feet of wavy hair! Like a hairdress. Just wear a body suit underneath...
New Bargain Barrister
New fancy version of the 17th & 18th century Barrister wigLower quality synthetic fiber than the st..
New Dlx. Dreadlock II
New version of our dreadlock style, but with longer hair.One size fits all, however, there are adjus..
New Z
Perfect look for 1960s's! Awesome Beehive wig for the \Fembot\" from Austin Powers!Best Seller!"..
Old Lady Bun Wig
Hair is pulled back into a tight bun..
one point beard
Human hair Goatee...
Patriotic Custom Wig
Custom designed Patriotic Red, White and Blue wig. Styled in a 1940 theme with military style hat. ..
Orange-Auburn wig with a bone on top.Flinstones character..
Pippi Longstocking
Famous Pippi Longstocking or Wendy's hairstyle with stiff braids on the side.This wig is a great cos..
Plabo XL
New and very popular type of long curly style30 inches longExtra full, Long and thick..
Chin length pageboy..
Punky XL
Total length of hair: 26\Spikey Tina Turner style, but much longer! Great fullness and volume for t..
Raggedy Ann
Best quality mop wig with extra yarn, fits children and adults..
Raggedy Ann
Raggedy Ann wig made of yarn in bright red. Comes separated in two ponytails as shown. Can be size..
Rainbow Dreadlock
Fabulous new long dreads in rainbow colors..
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