Chemo and Wigs

You’ve just been told that you will have to have Chemotherapy which will cause hair loss. To some women this is more devastating than the disease itself. So many thoughts start swirling through your head…maybe I won’t lose all of it, will it come out in patches or all at once, what will I look like without hair, I need to get a wig, will I get cold….so many questions!!

Most of our clients are very apprehensive the first time they come in for a consultation. Today, consumers are getting a lot of their information online. Unfortunately, much of that information can be misleading. Our Wig Consultants can guide you through the process, try wigs on, go over pros and cons of various wig types (synthetic vs human hair, machine made vs hand tied, sizing, etc), discuss customizing the wig (cut, style, fit) and talk about headwear (scarves, halo units, etc).

Having an open mind when looking at colors and style will help immensely! Bring a relative or friend with you for a 2nd opinion. Not always is finding a wig in your exact color and style the answer. Some women will have several different wigs in various styles and colors. Maybe a human hair and a synthetic? It’s hard to buy a wig online unless you know exactly what style you need. We recommend purchasing your first wig at a retail store so you can try it on, touch and feel it, look at the cap, check the sizing and look at various colors.
  • Jul 24, 2023
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