Making a custom wig using your own hair

World of Wigs has been making custom wigs for over 55 years! Many of our customers prefer to make a wig using his or her own hair. How is this done?

Your hair must be cut off in the appropriate fashion. Put the hair into several small ponytails and cut the hair approximately 1-2 inches "above" the rubber band. Do not add additional hair to the cut-off ponytails or the entire ponytail will not be good for wig making. If the hair is cut off in any other manner (i.e. Shaved off, cut off and then put in a rubberband, pulled out of a brush, etc.) we cannot use the hair for wig making.

The reason for the strict policy on cutting the hair off of your head is to ensure that the hair remains in the same direction. In other words, all of the roots are at one end and the ends are at the other. If the roots and ends of the hair get mixed the hair will become very tangled in the wig.

Many times we have to add additional hair to your hair that is provided for making the wig. This is because most people do not have enough hair to make an entire wig. When we add additional hair to your hair, we match the texture and color of the hair. You are informed before making the wig if you need to have additional hair added.

Custom wigs take approximately 12 weeks to be made (time frame is an estimate and is longer than normal ETA due to COVID delays with our factory). A $1000.00 deposit is required in the form of a money order or credit card to begin making your custom wig. Head measurements will be needed along with the color, hairstyle and other information before making the wig. Your wig maker will contact you regarding this additional information. Our custom wigs start at $2195.00.

Keep in mind that we have a very large selection of human hair wigs that are less expensive. Our human hair wigs start at $85.00 and can match the color and texture of your own hair. This could save you hundreds of dollars if a custom wig is out of your price range. We have recently partnered with to allow your community, friends and family to contribute hair and/or money toward a custom designed wig.

World of Wigs offers many options in wigs. If you are having difficulties in choosing a wig that is right for you, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you in finding a wig.

Please contact us for details on custom wigs.