750 Jesus
Parted in the middleSlight waveAverage size cap..
Abe Lincoln
Honest Abe's own stylewig and beard setOne size fits most..
Ace Ventura
Great representation of Jim C. in this movie. Famous pointed pompadour and slicked back sidesOne siz..
Disco 70's style afro wig. Pick it out for more volume!! Adjustable straps inside the cap allow for..
Aladdin long style
Famous character in movies and playsStraight iron hairstyleOne size fits alllong bargain style..
Bowl cut style. Adjustable straps. Three stooges. Beatles..
Andy Warhol
Mr. Warhol's famous mushroom cutSnow white colorGreat buy for this costume wig. Halloween quality s..
Austin P.
Famous English movie actorWhere's mini-me?..
Austin Powers
Shagadelic!Great representation of movie character. Adjustable straps on the inside of the wig will..
Ayatollah Beard
Long straight beardWig not included..
Famous composer \\\Bach\\\" hairstyle Also, works great for 17th and18th century men's styles and h..
Bald Professor
Long flowing white hair with a bald cap on top. Great costume wig for an intellectual professor, ma..
Bald Short Tramp
Bald with a fringe of hair Great for Tramp or just balding man with longish hair Elastic in cap Fi..
Bargain Chinese Man
Nice, less expensive version of this style.Soft beige material in frontal areaLong hair pulled back ..
Famous cartoon characterBlonde hair, parted on side and feathered backAdjustable straps inside cap t..
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