1940's Pompadour
Hair is twisted into french rolls on sides and pulled back into a ponytail, curls are piled up in fr..
Beehive Pageboy
Thick, full pageboy style with lots of volume in crown for a beehive effect. Good for Austin Powers..
Very modern style Popular 50's style..
Cone Beehive L
Perfect look for 1960s's! May be used for A. Powers girl...
Elvis large 50
Extra Large front Sideburns..
Finger Wave
Young Mae West, 1920's-1930's flapper, Marcel wave, 42nd Street, etc..
New bouffant 60's pageboy with a ribbon in front. This wig comes with adjustable straps to tighten ..
Rounded beehive style Popular 60's style..
1950s's exaggerated beehive!..
Funky beehive styleVery tall!..
Regular Spitcurl
Supreme style from wonderful hairsprayed 60's movies. The back is a high beehive...
Rock n Roll
Exaggerated pompadour styled into a 1950's Greaser or Elvis look. This is a must have for your 1950..
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