New discount version of 19th century banana curls. Good Southern Belle/Scarlett style! Also good f..
A very full braided hairstyle for a gracious Victorian hostessLayered curls in front, french rolls o..
Great quality theatrical wig or Masquerade partiesDesigned for English court scenes or an alternativ..
Ben Franklin
Bald cloth front with long brownish gray hair in back. Use theater make-up to cover and blend the c..
Colonial Lady Bargain
Nice  version of the Colonial lady 17th and 18th Century Great powdered wig for plays, theater..
Colonial Man
17th and 18th Century mens wig with two curls on each side and a pigtail in back Great for young Ge..
Colonial Party Gentleman
Party style 17th and 18th century ballroom infamous hairstyle Adjustable straps inside to assist wi..
Colonial Party Lady
Hair is split down center and piled high into two points, similar to a V Be the hit of the party Gr..
Deluxe Colonial Man
Better quality in very fine white fiber Average head size Elastic in back 17th and 18th Century Won..
Deluxe Judge
Extra Fancy Judge 18th century 3 sections Average head size Very nice curls for that realistic look..
Discount English Mustache
Great Mustache for the fuller lip Can be worn with any beard Use with two sided tape and/or liquid ..
Discount Full Face Beard M55
Discount Synthetic beard Looks good and can be brushed out to ruff up and look scruffy Full Face Or..
Discount Judge
A very nice judge style wig in white. Layered roll curls on 3 sections of material to create th..
English small Mustache m10
Smaller version of the Regular English Mustache Can be worn with any beard Use with two sided tape ..
French King
Nice French King Deluxe version 17th and 18th Century Good for Rock star, pirate, curly style Thi..
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